Neil Enns, Owner
Snohomish, Washington
Neil Enns, Photo by Harry Sandler

Photo by Harry Sandler

About Neil Enns, Owner, Dane Creek Photography

Born in Toronto, Canada, I took a roundabout route to photography. Growing up I tended more towards computers, and art was never really a focus. However, in 1995 I borrowed an SLR camera to shoot the 1995 Ford World Curling Championships and got hooked on photography.

Since then I’ve photographed landscapes from the beautiful wide-open fields of Manitoba to penguins in Antarctica. Along the way I’ve dabbled in traditional black and white film photography as well as alternative printing techniques (with a focus on lith printing). During the summers I am the team photographer for the WNBA Seattle Storm.

I am the founder of Dane Creek Folios and Dane Creek Fine Art Printing. You can reach me at

About Dane Creek Photography

Dane Creek Photography is named after Great Dane Creek, a tributary of Little Bear Creek and part of the Little Bear Creek Watershed. The watershed originates just north of the Clearview region of Snohomish County, WA, and flows 7.7 miles south to the Sammamish River in Woodinville, WA. It also runs through my backyard.